Hi, I'm Micah


I love music.

Like, a lot...According to Pandora, I'm in their top 5% of users for total listening hours in 2018. Even though I've always got a tune in my head or being tapped out through my feet or a pen, I don't have a favorite genre, album, or artist.

Since I was in middle school,

all I wanted to do was operate a business and bring people joy. I started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon on my mom's eMachines desktop in 1999, and spent more hours than I like to think about designing cool rollercoasters and theme parks well into my college years.

Speaking of Rollercoaster Tycoon,

I strongly believe that the editing tools included in those games laid the foundation skill and comprehension for the many design applications I use at 27West Design.

Cooking for my family and friends

is one of my favorite pastimes. However, I will more readily make myself a bowl of instant noodles or a bowl of cereal than cook anything for myself.

I have lived and traveled around Asia

and spent time in Europe, and my older sister has lived and worked all over the world. With that said, we both grew up in a small town in Wisconsin; most of our family still lives within 15 miles of where we were born.

The best friendships

don't require a lot of work or communication to make them last. Those closest to you can be absent for years or even decades, but when you meet again, things pick up as if time has stood still while you've been apart. I feel the same about good design. It doesn't have to be something that you can define with a certain phrase or timeframe. Good design is timeless and will always impart the feelings and emotions that it was meant to convey. 

Less is more.

Unless we are talking about cheese. More cheese is more.

I was the President

of Alpha Delta Phi at the University of Washington for two years.

I taught a Freshman Interest Group

course at the University of Washington during my last year there. My students didn't believe I had over 60 pairs of shoes (I was a shoe dog at the Flagship Nordstrom for over 4 years), so I wore a different pair of shoes to class everyday for the entire quarter. Too bad it was before Instagram, or maybe me and my fancy footwear would be famous. 

Wine. Summer. Sunsets.

Three things I never imagined could mean so much to me until I moved to Prosser with my beautiful wife. 

Live jazz

is pure magic.

You haven't lived

until you've sabered a bottle of Champagne.