Hi, I'm Boston


Everyday of my life

I have been asked how I got my name. No, I was not conceived or born there, nor are my parents avid fans of the Red Sox, the band, or the baked beans! My dad's middle name is Boston, which was his grandmother's maiden name.

I am outdoorsy

in that I like drinking on patios. However, one of my favorite outdoor endeavors is fishing with my dad, my cousin, and my brother-in-law. Nothing gets your blood pumping like shouting "Fish ON!"

A French 75

is the perfect start to any celebratory evening.

Being a perfectionist,

writing these short, condensed blurbs about myself nearly put me over the edge!

Nothing smells more like home to me

than pear blossoms, crisp mountain air, and a diesel tractor.

I am equally inspired

by the dramatic layered textures in a Ralph Lauren Home as I am the clean lined, geometric shapes of a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.

"The whole thing about antiques

and modern things together, and natural materials like wood, stone, leather-it's earthy and elegant, which is what I always look for in food. Real and not too perfect. It is what it is. If you start with really good quality ingredients, you don't need to do much to make food taste great. Funny, I always say this abut food, but it applies to interiors as well. Start with good quality furnishings, and you don't need to do much to make a house look good." - Ina Garten

I believe travelling

is essential. It exposes us to different ways of thinking, new ways of living.

I started my design career

before I started kindergarten, building birdhouses to place around our family orchard.

A therapeutic day for me is

a day spent alone in the kitchen, following a recipe that takes all day to prepare, and sharing it with family and friends.

In my travels abroad,

my soul gobbled up Italy. Now it's calling for Spain.

I most enjoy working

as part of a team, with contractors, architects, clients and tradesmen. Collaboration results in a more successful project, and we all come away having learned something new.